Our Values

Building on a solid foundation of Jewish values and with a strong connection to Israel, Schwartz Reisman Centre and Prosserman JCC strive to strengthen individuals, families and communities within an inclusive and welcoming environment.

We welcome everyone and share the richness and traditions of Jewish culture with the community at large through the advancement of physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being.

Our team is guided by our Vision of:

Inspiring you to live the Jewish life you want to live

Our Values provide guidance towards the achievement of our Vision as well as offer insight into who we are as partners and community members.

Our Values


While our primary focus is the Jewish community our centres welcome everybody and there is something for everyone. We foster positive relationships with our community and with our partners, and by doing so we enjoy partnerships that will last a lifetime.  Hospitality and inclusion come naturally to us and we enjoy being a home away from home for our members.

  • We will consider our impact upon the local and global community in all that we do. We will be guided by the needs of our community - we will seek feedback to ensure we are meeting their needs and we will reach out constantly to see if we need to be better
  • We will always provide programs that respond to and that benefit the community & this ongoing endeavour will always be our guiding light
  • We will be a relaxed centre for all stakeholders and everyone will be met with a smile & a welcome – inclusively and hospitably.


Our team always sets high standards and as result we are committed to always exceeding our members’ expectations. To do this we only hire the best people and provide the right tools to achieve best in class outcomes and financial results. We are professional and dedicated to always be the best we can be.

  • We will communicate our expectations to our partners openly, broadly and with clarity & provide feedback with directness and generosity - we will be driven by the opportunity to learn from and celebrate successes with each others and we will always treat failures as learning opportunities.
  • We will provide the tools and development opportunities to to ensure that our partners can innovate and always be successful.
  • We will set the bar high and measure ourselves and our achievements openly & transparently.
  • We are driven by excellence and celebrating success whether our own or our partners will become second nature.
  • Understanding the impact we have on the community will be paramount and we will seek feedback accordingly to be sure we are always on track.


We are committed to honesty, transparency and doing the right thing. We say what we will do and do what we say and always will act with professionalism and respect with members, partners & volunteers. We believe that empathy and kindness reflect who we are.

  • We will be open, transparent and clear in our interactions and communications
  • We will treat others the way we wish to be treated - it is the only way we know
  • We will wear our honesty and professionalism as our badge of honour
  • We will take responsibility for our actions and make right what needs to be corrected
  • We will always take ownership and accept accountability for our actions


Our community centre is committed to provide an environment where mental, physical and spiritual well-being is not only valued but assured for our members as well as our partners.  Our working environment is safe, respectful, positive and healthy & balancing work and family in a constructive way is encouraged.

  • We will always set the right example and demonstrate wellness in all of its facets.
  • We will challenge each other to enhance our commitment to health & wellness for ourselves and our organisation & will provide the information, resources & opportunities for wellness through healthy eating, parenting, child & youth development, spirituality, personal development, stress management, exercise regimens & more.
  • We will provide personal development for our partners and encourage work life balance and remain compassionate & enthusiastic always. 


All partners of SRC and Prosserman JCC are ambassadors for our community. We are enthusiastic and energized and care deeply about our heritage while providing a welcome for all who have in interest in our community centres.  We are inspired by our Vision and Values and the opportunity to make a difference and we go the extra mile for our members and partners.  As a team, we have full knowledge of the organization and the results of our work and we celebrate whenever the opportunity arises. We all take joy and interest in our partners activities and we do all we can to ensure they are successful.

  • We will inspire our partners and members with our hospitality enthusiasm & welcoming environment.
  • We will ensure our involvement in the community is a benchmark of Schwartz Reisman Centre/Prosserman JCC team participation.
  • We will all be ambassadors for our community centre.
  • We will take every opportunity to initiate & support cross organisational activities that enhance our offering and add to member value and organisational success.