Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp's CENTREtainment!

Starting off with The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp's CENTREtainment DJ class, kids can now mash-up their favourite tunes and learn about behind-the-scenes tricks to create original songs starting March 25!


CENTREtainment DJ 1.0 teaches beat matching, scratching, loops and hot cues with a follow-up class next fall where kids will then create music videos! PLUS all junior DJs will create their very own DJ name and original logo to share on Facebook and Instagram! 

Keeping with the Centretainment theme, Flagpole Family Night Party is March 31! Don't miss it!
Join us for an interactive dance party brought to you by the Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp and Bounce Entertainment! It’s time to party!

For more, visit: www.centrecamp.ca

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