UJA’s Tomorrow Campaign And Sherman Campus:

Working Together to Rebuild a City

Driving southbound on Bathurst Street just south of Finch Avenue, a beautiful valley emerges – one that gives many Toronto Jews a warm feeling. At the crux of that valley was a group of buildings once named the Bathurst JCC (BJCC), which holds dear to many. Families grew up there; they went to camp, learned to swim, explored Jewish values and traditions, made friends, celebrated a holiday, exercised, received help from social services...the list goes on.

But the Jewish “city” that was built by its strong, supportive community over 50 years ago, needs to be rebuilt so that it lasts for future generations. The demolition of the old Bathurst JCC was implemented to make way for bigger and better facilities that would accommodate the Jewish population and membership – the previous infrastructure was crumbling, costing the community millions of dollars in upkeep.

The existing site, now called Sherman Campus, holds the Lipa Green Centre for Community Services, with its refurbished first and second floors; in addition to the current phase of the Prosserman JCC, Koffler Centre of the Arts, David & Esther Freiman Childhood Education Centre and other community agencies and services, which are housed within the new Donald Gales Family Pavilion.

The next phase of development on Sherman Campus will include an expanded Prosserman JCC, the Ellen Prosserman Atrium, Koffler Centre of the Arts, and the Sarah & Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre, among others. This will not be an easy task - rebuilding a city takes a lot of money, time and energy, but through the UJA’s Tomorrow Campaign and the generous philanthropists of Toronto, who believe that nurturing a strong Jewish community in Toronto is our responsibility, we will do it!

Construction on the next phase is expected to begin in 2014, and we need all the help we can get! There are still naming opportunities at all price points that will help build and maintain a strong Jewish community for our children.

Please call 416-631-5737 or email lmacdonald@ujafed.org for more information. 

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