A Memorable and Happy Chanukah in 2011

Across all of the JCCs in Toronto there was a lot of celebration for Chanukah! We started the holiday off by lighting the menorah where at Prosserman it was lit by our Daycare and Preschool children. This was followed by the singing of many Chanukah songs. This happened throughout the first few nights of Chanukah, and was enjoyed by members, staff and of course the children.

This year we organized an event called Chanukah Across the City, where regardless of whether you were uptown, midtown or downtown you had a JCC to go to and people to celebrate the holiday with. At each location (Prosserman JCC, the schwartz/reismancentre and The Miles Nadal Centre) there was food, entertainment and lots of giveaways.

Chanukah Across the City was a huge success (over 1000 people attended between schwartz/reismancentre and Prosserman JCC alone) and we thank all those who attended and the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to put it all together.

Please check out Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (@prossermanJCC) for photos of this event and information for upcoming events.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Chanukah and we look forward to an excellent 2012! 

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