JCC’s of Greater Toronto, JCC Global and Amitim Fellowship present The International Visual Arts Project “My Jewish Journey”

Works of visual art bringing communities together and honouring individual and collective memories between Jewish experiences in Canada, England and Israel

JCC’s of Greater Toronto, JCC Global and Amitim Fellowship are introducing a Toronto and International Visual Arts Project focused on  “My Jewish Journey”.  The Visual Arts Project will provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their work on the worldwide stage while at the same time being a part of a network of inspiring and innovative Jewish communities. The Canadian exhibit will take place at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre on February 2016, and opening in Israel on November 2015.  Selected artworks will be also shown in partnership with JCC’s in London, England, and Eilat Israel

Toronto’s rich multi-cultural mix presents a unique space to see the artists’ impressions about Jewish life from different points of view. The Toronto exhibit of  “My Jewish Journey” will promote positive dialogue, education and mutual respect amongst different cultures and the Jewish community.  A Canada wide call for visual artists of Jewish heritage will be made on made on July 2015.

Visual art categories will include: drawing and painting, printmaking, banners and mobiles. Artists will provide an explanation of their piece that will accompany their submission to the show. Providing insight into the deeply personal Jewish experience of the artist and a rare opportunity to share in the artists’ own visual expression of Judaism in their lives.

JCC’s of Greater Toronto Jewish Community Centres provide welcoming environments that transcend differences, creating an atmosphere where anything is possible. JCC Global connects over a thousand Jewish Community Centers worldwide building on the uniqueness of each JCC. Fostering relationships among Jews and Jewish communities. The Amitim Fellowship is funded by JCC Global and brings together directors from nearly 27 Jewish community centers located in North America, Latin America, Europe, Israel, and the former Soviet Union to work on joint projects that turn global thinking into action.


For more information please contact:

The Schwartz/Reisman Centre. To the attention of Gustavo Rymberg

(905) 303-1821 X3038

gustavo@srcentre.ca>  |   http://srcentre.ca/

9600 Bathurst Street | Vaughan, Ontario L6A 3Z8 

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