Kitty Cohen: 100 Years Young!

Search the word ‘yoga’ on the Prosserman JCC website, and you’ll find a number of entries, including the popular “social yoga”. Take a closer look and you may be surprised to see that this weekly program is open to all students, even those 99 years of age and older like Kitty Cohen. Yes, this enthusiastic participant, now 100 years old, has been joining instructor Dorry Korn’s class for some time now.

Kitty credits Dorry and the practice of yoga with keeping her agile and mobile. She has been a devotee of this ancient discipline, discovering its many benefits long before it became popular with North Americans. In fact, Kitty enrolled in classes when first offered at the downtown Bloor Street “Y” in 1953. She was among that campus’ first members before moving north and joining the Bathurst JCC, and she continues to be an active member at the Prosserman JCC.

As you listen to Kitty, it’s easy to forget her age, but as she will quickly tell you, the recipe to her longevity is simple. It’s all about keeping active, both in mind and in body. Other than yoga, she absolutely loves her weekly folk dancing class at the Prosserman JCC, and walks whenever she can.

Above all else, while she acknowledges that she’s “got good genes” -- her own mother lived just shy of 100 years -- she also believes that how someone lives their life is key. “My attitude is for gratitude,” she says with a laugh. Her sheer zest for life and her gratitude for all of its blessings is undeniable. She knows that happiness and friendships, like the special bond she has with Dorry Korn and others at Prosserman JCC, are to be treasured.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to join the Prosserman JCC, look no further than Kitty Cohen. Along with a good pair of walking, or even dancing shoes, this witty 100-year-old is inspiring proof of a happy and fulfilling life.

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