Member Spotlight: Janet Cole

As a student enrolled in the Paramedic Program at Humber College, there is a high level of physical strength expected from its students, perhaps the most demanding compared to other paramedic programs in the province.   I was struggling somewhat with my strength but since joining the JCC and hiring Maria to train me, it has been like night and day.  

In just a few short weeks she has kicked up my physical strength to where it needs to be in order for me to be successful in this program and beyond.  Maria designed a program specific to my needs that would ensure that I reached my goals.  She is super creative in her training, introducing new exercises with every session to make sure that my workout is always fresh, exciting and never boring.  I have had other trainers in the past but no one has made me work as hard as she does all the while keeping me inspired and motivated by her own physical accomplishments. She has truly been an integral part of my success.   

Thank you Maria!

Janet Cole

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