Member Spotlight: Kathryn Chelin

Kathryn Chelin has been teaching the Social Art program at the Prosserman JCC for two years. As a retired art teacher at Unionville High School, Kathryn has extensive knowledge and experience teaching life drawing, illustration, portrait sculpture, design, and painting personal images to some of Toronto’s most talented art students for over twenty-five years. Kathryn now volunteers teaching the Social Art program to seniors.

The Social Art  program previously consisted of predominantly oil painting classes, but Kathryn has since changed her sessions to acrylic paint since it is easier to use and less toxic. However, Kathryn is open to teaching her students other types of art they may be interested in as well. “They sometimes have requested drawing lessons or information on drawing and I have given them still life. We also do colour theory and composition to help the seniors with their drawing and experiment with watercolor paint too.”

The ladies have been painting as a group for years and love spending time with each other. They complete two or three paintings each year and have a gallery exhibit at the end of the tem in the lobby of Lipa Green.  While she no longer teaches art full-time, Kathryn still teaches private art lessons and holds after-school art classes at the Art Barn. She keeps coming back to volunteer at Social Art because it’s incredibly rewarding and the ladies are very appreciative. “And that’s worth its weight in gold”. 

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