Member Spotlight: Peter Diamant

Peter Diamant has been a vibrant volunteer at the Prosserman JCC, facilitating dynamic discussions on current events with seniors for over nine years. In this type of informal education, Peter leads discussions for twelve to thirty participants on a wide range of current events topics, from Canadian politics, international world issues, Israeli affairs, arts and culture and business.

“I’m more of a moderator”, says Peter, “I talk very little. Without the active participation of the members, there would be no class”. According to Peter, all participants are very up-to-date on their current events and are engaged with the world around them. Peter himself is a business professional  but loves taking the two-hours out of his busy schedule each week to devote to group discussions on current events. “It’s my hobby too”, he says.

According to Peter, the most lively and interesting discussions occur around election time where participants are passionate and vocal about their defense to one party or another. Spirited discussion tends to occur whenever the topic of discussion is regarding Israeli politics as well. “I am so impressed with the loyalty of our members” says Peter. While he has running the current events program for nearly a decade, some participants have been coming to the program weekly for almost twenty years. “These seniors are so passionate about current events and follow the news so conscientiously. Every day I am impressed by how dedicated they are to keeping current and staying active!” 

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