The Summer Weight Loss Challenge!

The Summer Weight Loss Challenge is a free program that will run through July and August. In order to participate you must reserve your spot in the competition. Space is limited.

Each participant will work on his/her own following the workouts that we provide. However, the participant will have the option of working on his/her own routine or work with his/her own trainer. On the other hand, the workouts that we will be providing are professionally designed to achieve a healthy and safe fat loss.

Before the competition begins we will be taking your waist girth measurement, body weight and a ‘before’ picture. We will use these measurements as a base-line to compare your results at the end of each phase.

Each Friday, the fitness staff will be evaluating each participant. They will record your waist girth measurement and body weight. At the end of July, the participant who has not shown any improvement in their body composition will be disqualified and will not move onto the second phase in August. At the end of August, we will follow the same protocol and the three participants with the highest percentage of fat loss will win the competition (1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize).

Call 416.638.1881 x4000 for more information!

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