What is The Centre for Dynamic Learninig (CDL)

The Centre for Dynamic Learning is an initiative of the Prosserman JCC Adult Learning Program. Begun in the fall of 2011, it will expand to both campuses (Prosserman and Schwartz Reisman Centre) in September 2012. The basic aim of CDL is to provide a forum for adult engagement and to foster lively discussions in a positive and supportive environment for the over 45 crowd..

Thus far, approximately 100 adults have attended one or more of our programs. Topics have ranged from ethics (being repeated this spring) to preparation for retirement to genealogy to family relationships. For some sessions, experts are brought in to set the foundation for discussion. The key element, however, is the opportunity for participants to share with others their own accrued knowledge and wisdom and to learn from the experiences and intelligence of their peers.

Coming attractions include a lecture and book launch in April (“Age Rage” by David Cravit, who will address ‘The Coming War Between the Generations’), our second ethics course and a new series on healthy living into the senior years, both beginning in May.

In September, we will be hosting “The Best of Hebrew U”, a weekend with professors giving mini-courses which should prove quite interesting. We will also offer new courses, a “Philosophy Café” discussion group, and inaugurate “The Great Debate” which should prove both stimulating and entertaining. Adding to the range of programs offered, CDL is planning to sponsor a trip to Israel in November. Check out our website in the coming weeks for more information on these exciting new opportunities.

Check for the Spring brochure by Passover and see the lineup of topics and speakers. Fees are  minimal to make the program accessible, so those who are open to learning and sharing, contributing and growing (yes, we serve refreshments) should come out and participate.

For more information and to register please contact:

 Michael Slodovnick at cdl@prossermanjcc.com

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